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Coil Bound Menu Design (up to 3 sheets / 6 views)

Coil Bound Menu Design (up to 3 sheets / 6 views)

Two-Sided Menu Design:

Have just a few days to upgrade and optimize your menu?  You have come to the right place!  The BROS Club's industry expert is ready to take your current design and make something amazing that truly represents the look and feel of your restaurant.


A professionally designed menu can increase your sales, bottom line, and can even get you more 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp.


We make the process very easy for you.  After you place your order, our graphic designer will reach out to you with an introduction.  From there you can send them a Word doc containing your descriptions or even a digital copy of your current menu.

They will work directly with you to design a great menu that will definitely level-up your restaurant or bar.  


The two-sided menu design comes with three hours of graphic design work from our expert.  We can typically complete menu layouts and designs in this three-hour window, but if additional time is needed we charge a flat rate of $60 an hour.  We are very efficient with our time and we always give an estimate before proceeding.  


Note that if the menu needs to be re-typed from a photo or a file that we can't edit or pull text from, the price is adjusted which we will walk you through.


After placing this order our top designer will reach out to you via email and/or phone to discuss the layout, design, and specifics that you are looking for in your menu.  Our designer is experienced in menu design and have valuable industry knowledge that you can leverage to create a menu that looks good and sells more food.