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Tha M3 (pronounced 'Tha-Em-Three') is on the way from the underground. The 31 year old Jamaican 'Rapjay' has strong imagery and smooth lyrics in his delivery that creates an immediate connection with his listener, through a combination of hip-hop, complemented with strong tones of dancehall, reggae, and R&B. The rapper has already put out a handful of mixtapes, which has helped him earn a reputation of making "the most 'Jamaican' rap music".

"JustOnSomeExtraFeelings" is Tha M3's most recent mixtape/project offering- serving as the foundation for a new partnership with The BROS Club. He speaks on his navigation through relationships, self awareness and improvement throughout the 18 track 'playlist styled' effort. The project is aided by the previously released tracks 'Girl Song', and 'Primetime'. Over the instrumental from Drake's 2017 single "Signs", Tha M3 speaks on the 'catch 22' nature of a love interest on the title track of the project, "JustOnSomeExtraFeelings". Speaking on the acknowledgement of caring after a breaking up, Tha M3 sings "I still love you, when you're down. Even when I'm not around". Additional viewpoints from Tha M3 are put on full display as he speaks on trying to finding balance between music, family, business, and love in the song "Quite Alright". On "I Want You Around", Tha M3 flips a sample instrumental from the Sno Alegra original of the same name, into a breakdown of self reflection and acceptance. "JustOnSomeExtraFeelings" is a conversation with the listener, speaking to the story of someone 'who tries'. The everyday person- from a Jamaican perspective.

Born Marlon M. Martin, Tha M3 grew up in the cool hills of Manchester, Jamaica. He was raised living between his father's family, and his mother's family. The eldest Jamaican child, he had a passion for reading, music, and the arts. He developed his talent for music late in primary school- and later on- in high school, where he wrote books worth of rhymes, and would battle friends and others. His passion would take on new life, after freestyling in a physics lab full of students; then later on beating a twelve member group back to back, in a freestyle battle- earning some amount of infamy. He would spend the next few years working in Kingston, Jamaica's capital city, whilst honing his writing.

After returning to Mandeville, the enduring rapjay was introduced to Open Mic events- where he connected with fellow local talents like Amsha Morgan, Britton Writes, and Ijasol- which motivated him to further improve his style. After recording dozens of tracks, features, collaborations ('Same Set' by March 91- a rap duo with Amsha), as well as 5 mixtapes, he now embarks on releasing a slew of official new music to add to his material.

His first single through his partnership with The BROS Club, 'Online Girl'- is set to release on April 17.

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